【Top Trend Resources Limited】專責處理【小美工作室】的海外業務,如香港境外的活動 / 商演 / 演唱會 / 電影等邀請,與【小美工作室】雙行並濟,共同致力拓展演藝業務。

【Top Trend Resources Limited】is an Overseas Management Company launched in 1998. Our business specializes in Event Management, Artiste Management. We are also very experienced, well-organized and familiar in Production work.

Artiste Management
Our Company acts as the sole and exclusive agent or manger of the artiste on all aspects of Global incorporations and entertainment activities, including Overseas Functions, Movies, Concerts, Commercials and Shows.

Event Organization and Management
We successfully organize and produce a broad range of events such as Music Concerts, Entertainment, Sponsor and TVC Shooting. In addition to all 17 performances of "Aaron Kwok De Showy Masquerade World Tour Concert 2011" at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Top Trend Resources Ltd. has also organized and led more than 200 people (the Aaron Kwok Team) for concerts in Taiwan, Singapore and Macao.

Music Concerts: Aaron Kwok De Showy Masquerade World Tour 2012
In 2012, we are making history once again with the HK$12 million ‘Transformer’ stage. This stage morphs into eight different shapes and comes equipped with 21 lifting mechanisms. The entire ‘Transformer’ stage took nine months to complete due to intensive research and waiting for materials to be shipped in from several countries.

As the stage contains more lifting mechanisms than any other stage in the world, our production team spent endless hours learning and mastering technical improvement and adaptation as the stage had to be moved from Hong Kong to other countries. Additionally, the stage has the potential to produce six trampolines of different sizes – a